Planting Grassroots since 1996


Pacoima Beautiful is a grassroots environmental justice organization that provides education, impacts local policy, and supports local arts and culture in order to promote a healthy and sustainable San Fernando Valley.


Planting grassroots since 1996

Pacoima Beautiful was founded in 1996 by 5 relentless mothers who became distraught by the unpleasant sight of trash and toxic smells they endured while walking their young children to school. They knew that the only way to create a safer and cleaner community for their children and neighbors was through collective action, and so like good neighbors they joined forces to bring Pacoima some of its first major community clean-ups and tree planting events. The beautification projects of our founding mothers set the grassroots foundation that our historically women led organization has stood by for the past 22 years. Today Pacoima Beautiful is the only environmental justice organization in the Northeast San Fernando Valley striving for community improvement. We are a dedicated team of leaders, planners, organizers, health promoters and advocates for a healthier and safer Northeast San Fernando Valley.


Veronica Padilla-Campos

Executive Director
Veronica grew up in Sun Valley and now lives in Sylmar with her family. She serves as a City of Los Angeles Planning Commissioner and as an Urban Planner works to improve the welfare of people by creating equitable, healthy, and safer communities.

Mercedes Ortiz

Planning Director
Mercedes’ position at Pacoima Beautiful gives her the opportunity to pursue her desire of giving the community a voice and working to create more sustainable and healthy places. In her free time Mercedes enjoys traveling, taking pictures and writing.

Andres Ramirez

Los Angeles Clean Energy Director
Andres Ramirez was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles as the first generation child to Salvadoran immigrant parents.  As the Los Angeles Clean Energy Director he advocates for an equitable transition to 100% clean and renewable energy.

Sandra Ramirez

Cultural Arts Director
Sandra is driven by her social work lens and her passion for grassroots organizing.  She spends her full-time organizing local artists, developing programming, and planning events in the NESFV that highlight and celebrate local arts and culture. 

Maria Guzman

Health Promoter
As a Health Promoter and mother of two, Maria is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for her children and community. She stays busy planning Mercado Pacoima to make sure that more families receive the healthy foods they need.

Felipe Escobar

Lead Community Organizer
Felipe is driven by his experiences growing up in the industry laden SFV. As a passionate organizer he works with community members to enhance their position as environmental justice leaders.

Celia Contreras

Community Organizer
Celia grew up in Pacoima and is driven to work with her community towards a safer and more sustainable NESFV. She is passionate about environmental justice issues that directly affect her community and aims to cultivate environmental justice leaders for future generations.

Diego Ortiz

Youth Coordinator
Diego is passionate about raising awareness of the environmental challenges in the NESFV communities and preparing Pacoima’s future environmental advocates through mentorship and leadership training.

Yesenia Cruz

Youth Organizer
Yesenia was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and raised in Sonoma County. She is passionate about providing youth the resources they need to achieve a higher education. Yesenia focuses on supporting youth through YUTEP, tutoring and College Corner .

Stephaney Paz

Administrative Assistant
Stephaney grew up in Pacoima and experienced firsthand the positive changes that a community can achieve when nonprofits work at the grassroots level. She feels fortunate to be able to work for an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for the NESFV.