Kris Fortin

Project ARTvertise Launch

Thursday, September 9, 2017
By PB Superadmin

August was a great month for community and artists in Pacoima. We celebrated the soft opening of our Art Incubator and the launch of Project Artvertise.

Pacoima Beautiful and OUTFRONT/JCDecaux, the leading outdoor advertising corporation in the nation, partnered up for Project: ARTvertise; a project designed to change the transit rider experience, by using art to activate bus shelters along Van Nuys Blvd. A call for artists was put out on March 2017, through social media outlets, working contacts, art collectives, and The Daily News. Creatives throughout Pacoima and City of Los Angeles were inspired by this project and the response was overwhelming!
We received 130+ art submissions and after careful and tough review, a total of 34 pieces were selected for Project: ARTvertise!
This 34-piece collection was launched in August 2017 and are now up on public display on bus shelters along Van Nuys Blvd from Laurel Canyon to Glenoaks Blvd. These pieces will be temporarily installed, making way for a new cohort of artists to engage in this creative place making project in Pacoima.

If you would like more information about Pacoima Beautiful's involvement in the arts please contact our Cultural Arts Director, Sandra Ramirez at 818-899-2454.