Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency with LADWP and PB Youth

Tuesday, November 11, 2016
By PB Superadmin

The Youth Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency Education Project led by Pacoima Beautiful with students and teachers from San Fernando High School and Cesar Chavez Learning Academies (CCLA) increased water and energy literacy of approximately 1,200 LADWP customers and residents of the San Fernando Valley! 15 students at San Fernando High School and 20 at Cesar Chavez Learning Academies were taught about LADWP incentives and programs by Diego Ortiz, our Youth Coordinator. Diego worked with students on a weekly basis from February through May 2016 to research and develop presentations for two assemblies to inform both campuses about the urgency regarding water and energy management and how small changes to behavior at school and at home can make a big difference. Students researched water and energy saving methods like installing florescent and LED lighting and replacing your lawn at home with a native plant garden. 200 florescent lightbulbs, 5-minute shower timers, and faucet aerators were distributed at both assemblies producing an estimated savings of 10,200 KwH and 1,680 HCF per year!

Check out the videos that the youth presented below: